A proposal to finish regressive taxation via legislation enforcement

The issue

In america, many jurisdictions have lowered revenues from fines, fines, choice charges and asset forfeiture. The reconfiguration of legislation enforcement as a revenue-generating mechanism is disproportionately completed to the detriment of politically and economically susceptible folks, notably underrepresented minorities, which has resulted in a biased and regressive taxation system.


Makowsky proposes to remove the retention by the police of seized property with the intention to break the hyperlink between revenues and expenditures and to carry the actions of public order nearer to public targets. This may be completed within the following methods: (a) to place an finish to the retention of federal justifiable share income by legislation enforcement companies; b) eliminating the retention of proceeds of property confiscated by the native arrest company; and (c) redistribute felony justice revenues within the type of international per capita grants to municipalities. As well as, Makowsky proposes to redistribute legislation enforcement revenues to folks in communities at present struggling the heaviest crime burden, thereby restoring public confidence in law enforcement officials to serve and shield their communities. .

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