Catherine Austin Fitts: The World Is Choking On Debt – Purchase Gold

Catherine says, "For a few years I mentioned I didn’t suppose gold would make a very good funding. I alter that this yr. " Right here is extra …

Catherine Austin Fitts interviewed by Greg Hunter in USA Watchdog

What’s the function of the Funding Advisor and former Assistant Housing Secretary, Catherine Austin Fitts, to position cash? She has lengthy been lukewarm on gold, however not anymore. Fitts says now: "The world is choking on debt. . . . It's not simply peak oil, that's all. That's one of many causes the margins are happening, and we tried to combat it by blowing bubbles. We’re coming to the tip of one of these technique, and that's one of many the reason why an increasing number of individuals are turning into conscious of gold and need it. They are saying, agree, that the bubble monetary asset recreation is over and that now we would like actual issues. . . . For me, gold was an important place and I at all times thought that gold was an important place. So, I like gold now. For a few years, I mentioned I didn’t suppose gold would make a very good funding. I alter that this yr. I feel gold as an funding will probably be moderately good this yr, and it ought to accomplish that. . . . The Basel III guidelines make gold extra engaging and focus extra on monetary energy. Sure, central banks and banks will purchase, however I feel, should you see that world traders see the extent of anarchy and, like the selections of the US federal credit score, they are going to search for actual property. The gold is simply going to be a spot to go. . . . Removed from jewellery, you’ve gotten a gold market of round $ three trillion. It’s due to this fact enough for a pension fund or a sovereign fund to extend their gold allocation and lift the market. I feel that there will probably be a sustained drum beat for the worth of gold for some time. "

Be a part of Greg Hunter one-on-one with Catherine Austin Fitts, finance skilled and founding father of The Solari Report.


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