Egon von Greyerz: Solely Gold Stands In opposition to The Last Disaster

Thus, historical past repeats itself and we’re once more for the time being when "the ultimate disaster" may be very close to. Egon explains …

by Egon von Greyerz of Swiss gold

Have the photographs of March been delayed in 2019? Usually, Ides of March merely means the date of March 15th. Shakespeare made the expression worrying as a result of it was the day that Julius Caesar was assassinated. Right now in 2019, the 29th of March appears extra necessary than the 15th. As a result of on the 29th, we first have the conclusion of Brexit. Or possibly we don’t do it! Brexit is a tortuous course of that, after three years, has come to nothing. All he has executed is to disclose the megalomania of the European elite and its intransigence. He additionally revealed the full incompetence of the British authorities in addition to Ms. Might's whole indecision and her lack of ability to differentiate between exercise and success.


March 29 can be essential within the banking world as a result of it’s the date on which gold is acknowledged because the asset of the primary class and subsequently corresponds to money. Till now, gold was solely a Tier three asset and was valued at 50% for a financial institution's solvency. It’s in fact completely ridiculous that money or foreign money, which we all know is at all times going to zero over time, was taken at twice the worth of gold.

There are individuals speculating that gold turning into a Tier 1 asset will likely be of main significance to the worth of gold. As well as, some market observers even suppose that that is the start of a brand new period with gold regaining the mantle of help currencies or SDRs (Particular Drawing Rights). This may clearly require a considerable revaluation of gold in opposition to the greenback as a way to adequately cowl excellent debt.

So are we going to be cautious of March Ides as Shakespeare mentioned and can they be postponed till March 29, 2019? I doubt Brexit, which is a large number that doesn’t finish nicely, will likely be resolved on March 29th. As well as, the worldwide debt scenario would require a restructuring of the financial system. And sadly, there is no such thing as a SDR or new authorities cryptocurrency that may take away the debt. The story says, "All of the king's horses and all of the king's males couldn’t restore Humpty."

However even when the March Ides aren’t delayed and that March 29, 2019 has no main affect on the world, this can function a warning as to what occasions are more likely to happen within the international monetary system. Governments battling determined debt will make determined selections. We may simply see a second when the US devalue the greenback considerably or introduce a crypto greenback and assure it with gold at a massively larger worth.


I doubt that the US can keep the long-term hegemony of the greenback for a wide range of causes.

First, it’s unlikely that the US can show that they maintain the eight,000 tonnes of gold they declare.

Secondly, China and Russia would by no means settle for that the US-infested debt remains to be underneath the management of the world's reserve foreign money. A rustic with 60 years of actual deficit, 45 years of commerce deficit and not less than $ 200 trillion of unfunded debt and commitments doesn’t should have the world's reserve foreign money.


The following few years will supply us limitless alternatives to lose cash. Final week, I talked about three dozen causes to purchase gold and threat for investor property. At the very least 99.5% of traders are unaware of the dangers that I’ve described, which is clearly stunning in that they are going to outcome within the best destruction of property in historical past.

However the norm is that the utmost rise happens on the peak of the market. The approaching decline of all asset markets, be they equities, bonds or actual property, will shock traders as a result of, in actual phrases, they are going to lose not less than 75% of their property and doubtless greater than 90% most often. The three dozen monetary, financial, political and geopolitical dangers will assist.

The issue is that the world is now in an period the place printing cash and deficit spending won’t work anymore. It’s an absolute miracle that the world has survived so lengthy with counterfeit cash and false guarantees. However we now have now reached the purpose the place it’ll now not be attainable to deceive everybody on a regular basis.


In the middle of historical past, governments have mismanaged the financial system and destroyed the hard-earned cash of the individuals. That is the rule moderately than the exception. There are a lot of examples of nations plummeting underneath their very own debt, however the most effective analogy to the present world scenario is that of the Roman Empire due to its measurement. For a interval of 500 years, the Romans dominated a area, each militarily and culturally, that included most of Europe, North Africa, and elements of Asia.

As with all empires, the Roman bore the seeds of his personal destruction. It’s attention-grabbing to notice that the world is at a time when nearly all international locations are carrying these damaging seeds. After the autumn of the Roman Empire, the darkish ages lasted greater than 500 years. However in contrast to the Roman Empire, the present interval of debt, deficits and disrepair encompasses the complete world and is of a magnitude a lot larger than that of 2000 years in the past. Due to this fact, it’s probably that the consequences of the approaching collapse of the worldwide financial system may final a really very long time. Simply because the time period "Age of Darkness" was invented solely within the fourteenth century, future historians will solely know later if the world is now coming into a interval that will likely be a Return to the darkish age .

If this have been the case, there can be a complete destruction of the monetary system and the world financial system with all its infrastructures. This may additionally indicate wars, civil wars, a collapse of society, and a inhabitants drop of a number of billion. For most individuals, this clearly resembles an unrealistic alarmist speech and a prophecy of a darkish and dramatic future. The mental capability of most human beings doesn’t embrace these complicated issues and long-term projections. It’s a lot less complicated to speak about Brexit or Trump and his alleged reference to Russia.

It’s clear that we hope that these cataclysmic occasions won’t occur. However what we do know is that threat is larger than ever in historical past. And similar to the age of darkness, we are going to solely comprehend it after the occasion. The older technology that lives at this time will solely see the start of the autumn, however this may be fairly dramatic. What is definite is that it is vitally unlikely that our youngsters and grandchildren may have the affluent and peaceable life that most individuals on the planet have recognized since 1945.

It’s nearly inconceivable to arrange for a attainable extended fall, however we are able to put together for the brief time period and defend our funding property.


Governments have many ideas for stealing cash from residents.

The best approach is to depreciate the foreign money. And all governments have executed so with exceptional talent all through historical past. Because the Roman Empire started to crumble the worth of cash, the silver denier rapidly fell. At the moment, the financial impression was to scale back the silver content material of the coin. Thus, from round 90% of cash in 180 AD, the rulers deceived their individuals through the use of much less and fewer cash to hit the Denarius. In 270 AD, about 90 years later, the coin was each with out cash and with out worth.

Step by step, the Roman Empire started to break down and Rome encountered all of the anticipated issues of a state residing past its means, together with important deficits and disasters. heavy money owed.

In 180, Cassius wrote:

"Our story now goes from a realm of gold to a realm of iron and rust, as did the affairs of the Romans that day."

For the reason that starting of the 20th century, the world has lived precisely the identical factor because the Romans 1,800 years in the past. The worth of all currencies has decreased from 97% to 99% and we are going to see all main currencies attain their intrinsic ZERO worth.

In 1949, Ludwig von Mises wrote:

"There isn’t a method to keep away from the ultimate collapse of a growth attributable to credit score growth. of credit score growth, or later as last and whole disaster of the financial system concerned. "

So, historical past repeats itself and we’re once more on the level the place "last catastrophe" may be very close to. The denarius card nearly 2,000 years in the past and Cassius's assertion are nearly an identical to the 20th century financial map and von Mises's assertion.

The extra issues change, the extra it’s the similar factor

The extra this adjustments, the extra it’s the similar factor.

So, this 12 months, we must always clearly be cautious of the March Ides, even when they’re late. However it's not sufficient to bear in mind. We should additionally take the required measures to keep away from struggling the "last disaster of the financial system concerned".

Bodily gold is one of the simplest ways to keep away from this catastrophe.

Egon von Greyerz
Founder and Managing Companion
Matterhorn Asset Administration
Zurich, Switzerland
Phone: +41 44 213 62 45

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