Gold & Silver: God’s Cash In The Bible

The gold and silver have been naturally chosen even through the biblical intervals of the Previous Testomony, and the precision in financial economics is reasonably astonishing …

Lustin Rosioara interviewed by SBTV

SBTV's final visitor is Iustin Rosioara, creator of "The Cash of God: An In-Depth Evaluation of Bible Verses Mentioning Gold and Silver". We study how gold and silver have been naturally chosen as forex even through the biblical occasions of the Previous Testomony. Hear and be amazed by the accuracy of the biblical textual content with regard to the ratio of gold to silver and what a legitimate financial mannequin could be.

Mentioned on this interview:
04:43 Cash Idea
08:14 Cash have to be outlined as a weight in gold and silver
11:20 In Bible, Gold and Silver
14: 07 God 's Objective for Gold and Silver
22:22 First Point out of Gold within the Bible
28:23 What was the ratio of gold to silver within the Bible?
31:41 Abraham's cattle, his cash and his gold was an financial mannequin
39:44 Temple of Solomon: The most costly constructing constructed by 12 months?

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