Lynette Zang: Gold Backing Of The Currencies Comes AFTER The Reset

Lynette says that gold won’t be used to assist nationwide currencies till debt and derivatives are handled on a world scale. Right here's why …

Lynette Zang of ITM Buying and selling

Among the matters of dialogue –

Query 1. Will the bail-in guidelines apply to brokerage companies akin to Charles Schwab and Ameritrade?
Query 2. Do you suppose China will introduce a gold yuan? And what is going to it imply for the worth of gold, the greenback and capital flows?
Query three. Within the case of cashless money, would the gold / silver nonetheless be liquid in such a state of affairs? Or wouldn’t it be simpler to "outlaw" gold and silver?
Query four. If anybody tells you that he’s out of the market as a result of he offered all his shares and bonds and that he put all his cash into Treasury invoice brokerage account: what do you say to them?
Query 5. With what do the central banks of the world purchase their gold? Motto? This appears like a battle of curiosity in the event that they management the foreign money provide. Additionally, does anybody know even how a lot cash is definitely in circulation as a result of most currencies are digital?

For solutions to those and different questions, watch the complete video under:

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