Rob Kirby: Globalist Market Riggers Will Slam Paper Gold & Silver Costs In Coming Days

Gold & silver had their greatest day in 7 years, however Rob thinks the globalists’ paper worth slams will start quickly, presumably inside days…

Rob Kirby interviewed on Reluctant Preppers

This unique interview with proprietary analyst Rob Kirby,​ hits these breaking subjects:

– Gold & Silver had their greatest day in 7 years: will it final, or will they be collared once more?

– The the explanation why Bitcoin is being allowed to run

– Geopolitical tensions and what you’re not being instructed about Iran’s startling historical past of the USD and cultural takeover.

– Fb’s try and take over banking because it did social media.

– Globalist central banking’s playbook for takeover and harvesting the belongings of each nation.

– And the place it’s heading.

– And YOUR viewer questions answered!

Don’t miss it!

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