Sound Cash And Human Liberty Are Inextricably Linked

What’s the hyperlink between freedom and wholesome cash and what prevents the return to sound cash? Right here is an outline of those questions and extra …

Claudio Grass interviewed on SBTV

SBTV sits with Claudio Grass, an impartial treasured metals advisor based mostly in Switzerland. A supporter of wholesome cash and the Austrian College of Economics, Claudio shares his beliefs about why human freedom and wholesome cash are inextricably linked.

Web site of Claudio:

Mentioned on this interview:
02:39 Relationship Between Liberty and Wholesome Cash
06:51 The Keynesian Imaginative and prescient of Cash
09:58 Similarities Between the Austrian College and Keynesian economics?
Geopolitical issues obscuring the close to future
18:08 Impediment to return to a wholesome forex
23:12 Gold and silver to grow to be financial metals once more?
26:23 Not sufficient gold to assist the fiduciary currencies? ] 28:08 A brand new financial system with gold and crypto-currencies?
31:53 Why maintain cash?
34:56 How lengthy will the paper cash system last more?

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