TraderStef: Valuable Steel Ponzi Schemes And Sanctioned Manipulation Are A Useless Finish

"… corruption, paper parks, identification theft and ponzi schemes are a each day menace to the peasant dealer or stacker of valuable metals, in the meantime …

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There was a time when the dogma of faith compelled the peasantry to worship a geocentric mannequin . This mannequin prevented the human spirit from contemplating any various actuality. The Renaissance unleashed the Copernican revolution within the spirit of science, led by the Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus . Whereas getting ready his founding manuscript " On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres " which detailed a heliocentric mannequin, he opposed the publication of it, fearing contempt for the rationale of the incomprehensibility of his speculation.

Regardless of modern scientific and spatial advances because the darkish age and a Copernican revolution, some proceed to embrace a flat land the place you’ll sail in the event you enterprise to date. Sooner or later, the present compartmentalized conglomerate of peasants will understand that our photo voltaic system is just not a vinyl file that travels the house in a linear style. Simply as helical cyclicity governs the heavens and the Earth, we’re transferring at unbelievable pace throughout the galaxy of the Milky Manner, in a a lot bigger multi-verse . Right here is the helical mannequin of our photo voltaic system as a vortex.

I current the Copernican revolution as an analogy to present fashions and methods that appear to dominate our monetary and valuable metals markets. An instance with a mannequin with blinkers that fights a beast inside the forest of gold suppression and sanctioned authorities cash. Blabbermouth haunts, subscribes to newsletters and poop institutes infiltrated into Robin Hood's military that protects the villages surrounding the forest. There are additionally technical analysts who hand around in bushes which are unable to attract a straight line or an accurate sample if given a chisel mark, in addition to a tribe of trolls who ignore the knowledge conveyed by legends as Jesse Livermore .

If we solely adhere to the suppression of the existence mannequin, we might all stroll in pleasure on a yellow brick highway resulting in wealth, with out threat of menace from the basics or expertise of automated buying and selling. Irrespective of who succumbs to this nonsense, you’ll keep inside Dorothy's nightmare with witches wearing lengthy black robes attempting to destroy you within the forest.

And if nobody cared in regards to the rigging of the market? … "However just lately, we cannot completely dismiss a disturbing thought: if we realized our want and if the main monetary information businesses, from the Monetary Instances to Bloomberg Information through The Economist, clearly acknowledged that Central banks always intervene within the gold market to manage the value of the financial steel and shield its personal currencies and bonds, primarily by means of the buying and selling of derivatives, thus successfully faking all markets … and no one didn’t care, as a result of everybody had been corrupted? What if free and clear markets, restricted and accountable authorities, and honest commerce between peoples and nations had been nothing however clichés of a bygone period? Anybody can perceive the demoralization of the financial steel trade in recent times … No lawsuit or court docket can protect these values; they are going to solely survive in the event that they stay within the hearts of sufficient individuals. If these values ​​stay there, promoting will finally work and GATA believes that it’s about to drive the federal government to make its most incriminating admissions thus far – or its most incriminating denials. We nonetheless intend to proceed, however we cannot do it effectively with out monetary assist. So, in case you have not helped us but, take into account doing it now. Even a $ 5 contribution might be greater than GATA has obtained from Newmont Mining or Barrick Gold, firms that do nothing to counter the massive enemies of their buyers. GATA will all the time do what it may, which has been and can stay way more than we ever thought doable to do. "- GATA January 1, 2019

I’ve the best respect for the leaders and contributors of GATA for his or her thankless efforts during the last 20 years. The issue is that Foremost Road cannot swallow passive-aggressive retaliation video games in opposition to those that are struggling to keep up their capital and like to not demonize the businesses that produce the dear asset on which their funding relies, after which ask for a $ 5 contribution. to a mannequin slammed right into a authorized impasse 20 years in the past. Keep in mind to learn "Usurping gold and silver ambulances" Half 1 and Half 2 .

There’s another choice within the battle. Gold and silver should first regain their standing as constitutional cash. Flanking the enemy by chopping at Achilles tendon works from the bottom standpoint. In September 2018, I revealed " Gold and Silver Recovering Their Constitutional Standing in the US – Half Two – The Financial Metals Tax Neutrality Act, 2018". If GATA modified technique and put stress on the aforementioned laws, I might gladly ship a number of for the nice battle.

In the meantime, corruption, paper parks, identification theft and ponzi schemes are a each day menace to the peasant dealer or stacker of valuable metals, whereas hunters Ambulances proceed to construct a faith that provides no clever resolution to the market in actual time. timing of transactions or investments and stay unusually calm within the occasion of hovering costs.

The SEC and the CFTC Accuse a Ponzi scheme buying and selling in cash of $ 170 million [Utah] Ponzi Trackers November 2018

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