Trump Has Opened Pandora’s Field (And It Will Push Gold To Report Highs)

The “excellent storm” is forming that can push gold to file highs in U.S. …

by Dave Kranzler of Funding Analysis Dynamics

“In addition to being modified by its particular provide and demand situations, Gold’s time desire is actually for its moneyness, represented by its use as a medium of trade and retailer of worth. The moneyness facet hyperlinks it to its trade worth for all commodities, and it’s this facet of gold’s qualities that ought to warn us that a backwardation in gold, emanating from destructive greenback rates of interest, will herald a normal backwardation in commodities as nicely.” – Alasdair Macleod

The “excellent storm” is forming that can push gold to file highs in U.S. . In 2008 a near-perfect storm hit the worldwide monetary system that drove the worth of gold to file degree in nearly each foreign money together with . The one lacking ingredient again then was destructive rates of interest. The identical monetary excesses that precipitated the earlier monetary disaster have reformed solely now they’re much bigger in scale. Many of the western hemisphere has already applied destructive rates of interest. Now Trump has opened that Pandora’s Field within the U.S.

Chris Marcus of Arcadia Economics invited me onto this podcast to debate the implications of Trump’s proposal and the way it will have an effect on the dear metals sector:

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